Packaging on Mac OS X

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This page documents how to package VDrift for release on the Mac OS X operating system.


Make sure you have a working build to release - check Getting the development version and Compiling on Mac OS X.


In Xcode 4 or higher:

  • First change the "Bundle versions string, short" in Info.plist from yyyy-mm-dd to the date of the release.
  • Then click "Edit Scheme..." in the "Product" menu, select the Run item on the left and change "Build Configuration" to Release.
  • Now build the application and you will get a file named vdrift-mac-yyyy-mm-dd.dmg in build/Release. Just change the date again and this file can be uploaded to Sourceforge.
  • Once you've finished remember to reset the version to yyyy-mm-dd in Info.plist and the build configuration to Debug before committing any changes.

If you don't have Xcode 4, do the same as above but replace the second step with:

  • Switch to the "Release" Build style using the popup-menu in the toolbar and hit "Build" from XCode's "Build" menu.