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This page describes how to get the source code of VDrift. It assumes your computer meets the requirements.

VDrift's code is kept in a Git repository, hosted by GitHub. Some operating system's dependencies are also hosted on GitHub, and the data is hosted on Sourceforge in a Subversion repository.

Downloading a snapshot

Both GitHub and Sourceforge allow you to download a snapshot of the current state of the repository.

Source code

The source code can be downloaded by going to the downloads section of GitHub and click either "Download as zip" or "Download as tar.gz". Once it has downloaded, uncompress the resulting file into a folder called vdrift.


Dependencies for Windows and OS X can be downloaded in the same way as the source code, from or respectively. They should be uncompressed into vdrift/vdrift-win or vdrift/vdrift-mac.


The data can be downloaded from - just click "Download GNU tarball" near the bottom of the page. Uncompress to vdrift/data.

Cloning/Checking out

To easily stay up to date with the latest changes, and to avoid re-downloading large amounts of data, you can use Git and Subversion to clone/check out the repositories to your computer. For the following sections it is assumed you have installed Git and Subversion, and have some knowledge of the command line. If you are using a Git or Subversion client, follow its instructions for downloading repositories.

Source code

The following command will clone the source code to a folder called vdrift in the current directory:

git clone git://

Then navigate to the vdrift folder:

cd vdrift


Cloning the dependencies for Windows and OS X is similar to cloning the source code. Make sure you are still in the vdrift folder, then execute the command for your operating system:

  • Windows:
git clone git://
  • OS X:
git clone git://


The data can be checked out into the vdrift/data folder with the following command. Make sure you are still in the vdrift folder.

svn co data

This will take a while to complete as the data is quite big.