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{{note|This page is deprecated and only kept for future reference. See [[Installing]] for current information.}}
#REDIRECT [[Installing]]
* See [[Hardware requirements]] and [[Software requirements]].
* VDrift requires Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" or higher.
==Binary Install==
* Download the latest VDrift release for Mac OS X from the link on the homepage at [http://vdrift.net/ vdrift.net] or [http://sourceforge.net/projects/vdrift/files/vdrift/ SourceForge].
* If it doesn't automatically open, double click the ''vdrift-mac-yyyy-mm-dd.dmg'' file (probably in your download folder).
* Drag or copy all the files and folders from the resulting mounted disk image named "VDrift" to your ''Applications'' folder.
* Double-click the ''vdrift'' application now found in your ''Applications'' folder.
==Compiling from Source==
If you're interested in developing VDrift or checking out the very latest additions to the project, then you may want to try [[Compiling#OS X|compiling from source]].
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