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This page describes how to install the latest VDrift package. It assumes you have downloaded the latest release.


  • Double click the vdrift-yyyy-mm-dd.exe file (probably in your Downloads folder).
  • Follow the instructions in the wizard that opens.
  • Start VDrift from the Start menu (if you have chosen to install the shortcuts).


  • If your browser hasn't automatically opened it, double click the vdrift-mac-yyyy-mm-dd.dmg file (probably in your Downloads folder).
  • Drag or copy the VDrift application from the resulting mounted disk image named VDrift to your Applications folder.
  • Double-click the VDrift application now found in your Applications folder.


VDrift hasn't been released with a standalone binary package for several releases. If you think you could help us with this, please post in the forums!


To install the binary package, just use pkg_add:

pkg_add -r vdrift
Note: If you choose install vdrift from packages, you must install vdrift-data from FreeBSD ports tree, because this is not available as package.
cd /usr/ports/games/vdrift-data && make install clean clean-depends