Old Method of Compiling Bullet

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Note: These are the old directions of compiling Bullet. The directions for the current version are on the Compiling page.

The Bullet physics library must be manually built on versions of VDrift prior to SVN R2321 and with releases up to and including the 8/5/08 release. A preferred version of the library is included with the VDrift source distribution as a .tgz file. On linux, bullet can be compiled like this (replace the X with whatever bullet version is included with the VDrift source distribution):

tar zxvf bullet-X.tgz
cd bullet-X

Then, proceed as below using either jam or cmake as your build tool:


jam bulletcollision bulletmath


cmake .



These steps should put the bullet libraries into a spot in the bullet-X tree that the VDrift build files are expecting.

Note: It is not necessary to install the bullet library on your system. In fact, installed versions of bullet may conflict with the version included with VDrift.