Hardware requirements

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VDrift requires a relatively fast CPU. A 2 GHz or better clock speed is recommended, although it should be possible to run VDrift with a 1 GHz or better CPU.


On a typical run, VDrift might consume 300 MiB of memory space. 512 MiB of memory may be sufficient on some operating systems. 1 GiB or more is recommended, and required for larger tracks.

Graphics Device

VDrift requires a recent nVidia or ATI graphics card. A nVidia GeForce 7-series or better (or the equivalent ATI card) is recommended in order to enable all the visual effects. By reducing or disabling some of the display options, it should be possible to play VDrift with a nVidia GeForce 2 or better.

Users should install the newest version of the device drivers for their graphics card to run VDrift.

Note: Intel graphics cards are not supported.

Sound Device

Standard two-channel sound devices should work fine.