Configuring the display

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Configuring the display is done by editing VDrift.config manually, or by changing the settings in the Options -> Display and Options -> Display -> Advanced menus.

Display Options


  • type: integer pair
  • settings: display.width, display.height
  • values: depends on the file vdrift/data/lists/videomodes and the resolutions your video card makes available

Change the resolution of the game display.

See Adding video modes for how to make new video modes available to choose from.


  • type: boolean
  • setting: display.fullscreen
  • values: on, off

Make the game take up the entire screen.

Speed Units

  • type: boolean
  • setting: display.mph
  • values: on = "MPH", off = "km/h"

Change the units that speed is displayed in.

Framerate Counter

  • type: boolean
  • setting: display.show_fps
  • values: on, off

Enable/disable the framerate counter.

Heads Up Display

  • type: boolean
  • setting: display.show_hud
  • values: on, off

Enable/disable the heads up display.

Menu Skin

  • type: string
  • setting:
  • values: default "simple", the name of any directory in vdrift/data/skins/

Change the graphics and layout of the VDrift menus.

Input Graph

  • type: boolean
  • setting: display.input_graph
  • values: on, off

Visualize the steering and acceleration/braking on screen.

Advanced Display Options

Color Depth

  • type: integer
  • setting: display.depth
  • values: 16, 32

Adjust the amount of colors available.

Texture Size

  • type: string
  • setting: display.texture_size
  • values: "small", "medium", "large"

Change the size of the textures displayed.

View Distance

  • type: floating-point
  • setting: display.view_distance
  • values: any positive decimal number of meters

Change the maximum view distance.

Anisotropic Filtering

  • type: integer
  • setting: display.anisotropic
  • values: depends on your video card

Set anisotropic filtering level for textures.


  • type: integer
  • setting: display.antialiasing
  • values: depends on your video card

Set the full scene antialiasing level.

Car Shadows

  • type: boolean
  • setting: display.car_shadows
  • values: on, off

Draw simple static shadows beneath the cars.

Field of View

  • type: floating-point
  • setting: display.FOV
  • values: any positive decimal number

Field of view angle in the vertical direction.

Lighting Quality

  • type: integer
  • setting:
  • values: 0, 1

Set how good the lighting looks during gameplay. 0 is Low, which is totally static lighting. 1 is Medium, static cube-mapped lighting.

Reflection Quality

  • type: integer
  • setting: display.reflections
  • values: 0, 1, 2

Set how good the reflections look during gameplay. 0 is Low, static sphere-mapped reflections. 1 is Medium, static cube-mapped reflections, and 2 is High, dynamic cube-mapped reflections.