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In Practice Game mode, player's drift score is displayed at the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Start/end of scoring

The game starts drift scoring when a car satisfies the following conditions,

  1. At least 2 of the wheels are on track, and
  2. Car speed is above 10 m/s, and
  3. The drift angle (angle between car's orientation and its velocity direction) is more than 0.2 radian (about 11.5 degrees), and less than PI/2 (i.e. spin out)

The drift scoring ends when either one the following occurs,

  1. Less than 2 wheels are on track, or
  2. Car speed is less than 10 m/s, or
  3. The drift angle is less than 0.1 radian (about 5.7 degrees)

Scoring rules

At the begin of a drift, the game starts accumulating the score for this drift. At the end of a drift, the accumulated score is added to the total score.

The accumulated score consists of base score and bonus score.

  1. Base score - This is simply the length the car has traveled in this drift (in meters). A longer drift will earn higher base score.
  2. Bonus score - This contains 3 components,
    • drift length bonus - same value as the base score, effectively giving double bonus to longer drifts.
    • max_drift_speed bonus - the value is max_drift_speed (in m/s) / 2, e.g. a max_drift_speed of 20 m/s will earn a bonus of 10.
    • max_drift_angle bonus - the value is max_drift_angle (in radian) * 40 / PI, e.g. a max_drift_angle of PI/4 (45 degrees) will earn a bonus of 10. The max_drift_angle value in degrees is displayed next to the drift score during a drift.

If the car goes off track or spin out during a drift, the accumulated drift score is not added to the total score. An accumulated drift score of less than 5 is not added to the total either.