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To find out more about what drifting is and how to do it read Drifting Techniques.


The player's drift score is displayed on the left side of the screen, underneath the lap timer box.

Start of scoring

The game starts drift scoring when a car satisfies the following conditions,

  • At least 2 of the wheels are on track, and
  • Car speed is above 10 m/s, and
  • The drift angle (angle between car's orientation and its velocity direction) is more than 0.2 radian (about 11.5 degrees), and less than PI/2 (i.e. spin out).

End of scoring

The drift scoring ends when either one the following occurs,

  • Less than 2 wheels are on track, or
  • Car speed is less than 10 m/s, or
  • The drift angle is less than 0.1 radian (about 5.7 degrees)

Scoring rules

At the beginning of a drift, the game starts accumulating the score for this drift. At the end of a drift, the accumulated score is added to the total score. The accumulated score consists of base score and bonus score;

  • Base score - This is simply the length the car has travelled in this drift (in meters). A longer drift will earn higher base score.
  • Bonus score - This contains 3 components:
    • drift length bonus - same value as the base score, effectively giving double bonus to longer drifts.
    • maximum drift speed bonus - the value is
the maximum drift speed (in m/s) / 2

e.g. a maximum drift speed of 20 m/s will earn a bonus of 10.

    • maximum drift angle bonus - the value is
the maximum drift angle (in radian) * 40 / PI

e.g. a maximum drift angle of PI/4 (45 degrees) will earn a bonus of 10.

If the car goes off track or spins out during a drift, the accumulated drift score is not added to the total score. An accumulated drift score of less than 5 is not added to the total either.