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See this documentation for more info:

Making your own changes

If you want to make your own changes to improve VDrift, the easiest way is to fork the main VDrift repo on GitHub ( Just click the button near the top right of the page. You will need a free GitHub account. Then clone your new repo onto your computer:

git clone

And link this to the original VDrift repo:

git remote add upstream git://
git fetch upstream


Once the repository has been checked out, it can be updated without downloading the entire thing again. For command line git, use the command

git pull

to check for updates and apply them. If you have made some changes, use the following instead to prevent these being lost:

git fetch upstream
git merge upstream/master

Uploading changes

To upload any changes you've made, first add the files to the commit:

git add filename

Then do the commit:

git commit -m 'Commit message'

And finally send this to GitHub:

git push origin master

Checking in changes

You can request a VDrift developer to incorporate your changes by initiating a GitHub pull request. See this documentation for more info:

Thank you for helping make VDrift better for everyone!