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VDrift.config is the main settings file for VDrift. It usually stays in the user's home directory or user settings space, and is in the configfile format. It is not the only file VDrift uses (see also options.config, controls, and others). VDrift does not use any kind of registry or configuration database. The options available to this configuration file are the ones defined in options.config.


Linux & FreeBSD

On Linux VDrift.config is stored in a subdirectory of the user's home directory named .vdrift. If the name of the user running VDrift is username then the file will be located at /home/username/.vdrift/VDrift.confg.

Note: If VDrift is run as root, the root user's home directory is used instead, which is usually /root. It is not recommended that VDrift is run as root.


On OS X, VDrift.config is stored in /Users/username/Library/Preferences/VDrift/VDrift.config.



On Windows XP, VDrift.config is stored in C:\Documents and Settings\username\.vdrift\.

Note: If VDrift is run as Administrator, the path will be C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\.vdrift\. It is not recommended that VDrift is run as Administrator.


On Windows Vista, VDrift.config is stored in C:\Users\username\.vdrift\.


This is the author's current VDrift.config.

[ control ]
autoclutch = off
autotrans = off
button_ramp = 5.000000
profile = joystick
speed_sens_steering = 0.000000

[ display ]
FOV = 45.000000
anisotropic = 2
antialiasing = 2
car_shadows = on
depth = 16
fullscreen = off
height = 1024
input_graph = on
lighting = 1
mph = on
reflections = 1
show_fps = on
show_hud = on
skin = simple
texture_size = large
view_distance = 2500.000000
width = 1280

[ game ]
antilock = on
camera_mode = 5
car_paint = 1
game_mode = 0
ghost = off
num_replays = 80
num_shots = 138
number_of_laps = 1
opponent = TL
opponents = TL
record = off
reverse = off
selected_car = T73
selected_replay = 66
track = spa
traction_control = on

[ joystick ]
calibrated = on
deadzone = low
ff_device = /dev/input/event2
ff_gain = 2.000000
ff_invert = off
selected_index = 0
touchcomp = off
two_hundred = off
type = joystick

[ main ]
version = 2006-07-08

[ mouse ]
enabled = 0
xsens = 1.000000
ydead = 0.200000
ysens = 0.900000

[ network ]
host_game = off
server_ip =
server_port = 1234

[ sound ]
music_volume = 0.420000
volume = 0.326389


Main section


The version of the game.

Display section

See Configuring the display for detailed descriptions of each option.

Game section

See Starting the game for detailed descriptions of each option.

Sound section

See Configuring the sound for more information.


The gain for the sound effects in-game.


There is currently no in-game music, this has no effect.

Network section

See Network play for more information.


Host a game or not (join another host).


IP of host to connect to.


Port of host to connect to, or if hosting, port to run server on.

Control, Joystick and Mouse sections

For information on the Control and Joystick settings, see Configuring the controls. Mouse settings are now deprecated.