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VDrift stores your settings and other information in a special directory on your computer's drive. Usually it is located within your user's personal assigned file space, to ensure that the user will have easy access to the files (for backup or other purposes), and that VDrift will be allowed write privileges to the directory.


The location of the settings directory is chosen based on the best location for the user's operating system. In the following subsections, "username" will be used to represent the user's login name on their computer.

Linux & FreeBSD


Note: If VDrift is run as root, the root user's home directory is used instead, which is usually /root. It is not recommended that VDrift is run as root.





C:\Documents and Settings\username\.vdrift\

Note: If VDrift is run as Administrator, the path will be C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\.vdrift\. It is not recommended that VDrift is run as Administrator.