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Replays are recorded while playing in any game mode, and can be viewed through the Replays menu.


  • Skip forward/backward controls (default "," and ".")
  • Replays can be recorded in any game mode


The current number of replays and the selected replay are stored in the file VDrift.config, and are defined in options.config. Their option names are game.num_replays and game.selected_replay, respectively.


To record a replay, simply set the "Record Session" option on the menu to start the game to "On". Then start the game.

During gameplay you will see a message at the bottom of the screen telling you how much recording time is left. The recording system is currently limited to a fixed file size, and stops recording once this size is reached.

To stop recording, simply leave the game or quit VDrift altogether. The replay is saved when it is stopped. This means if the game crashes, the replay is not saved.


To play back a replay, simply enter the Replays menu from the Main menu. Here you can select the replay by its ID number and play it back by pressing the "Start Replay" button.

As new replays are recorded they are added to the available replays in this menu. The new replay's ID number is the one after the last current replay.