Old Method of Compiling on FreeBSD

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Note: This page is deprecated and only kept for future reference. See Installing for current information.

To compile VDrift on FreeBSD, use the ports system.

Latest Release

Simply run make on the vdrift port:

 cd /usr/ports/games/vdrift && make install clean clean-depends

Development Version

First, get the development version.

Next, copy the vdrift and vdrift-data ports to vdrift-devel and vdrift-data-devel:

 cd /usr/ports/games && cp -rf vdrift vdrift-devel && cp -rf vdrift-data vdrift-data-devel

Now to compile, run make on the newly-created vdrift-devel port:

 cd /usr/ports/games/vdrift-devel && make install clean clean-depends