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{{note|This page is deprecated and only kept for future reference. See [[Installing]] for current information.}}
#REDIRECT [[Compiling]]
To compile VDrift on FreeBSD, use the ports system.
==Latest Release==
Simply run <code>make</code> on the '''vdrift''' port:
  cd /usr/ports/games/vdrift && make install clean clean-depends
==Development Version==
First, [[Getting the development version|get the development version]].
Next, copy the '''vdrift''' and '''vdrift-data''' ports to '''vdrift-devel''' and '''vdrift-data-devel''':
  cd /usr/ports/games && cp -rf vdrift vdrift-devel && cp -rf vdrift-data vdrift-data-devel
Now to compile, run <code>make</code> on the newly-created '''vdrift-devel''' port:
  cd /usr/ports/games/vdrift-devel && make install clean clean-depends
[[Category:Operating Systems:FreeBSD]]

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