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#REDIRECT [[Requirements]]
VDrift requires a relatively fast CPU.  A 2 GHz or better clock speed is recommended, although it should be possible to run VDrift with a 1 GHz or better CPU.
On a typical run, VDrift might consume 300 MiB of memory space. 512 MiB of memory may be sufficient on some operating systems. 1 GiB or more is recommended, and required for larger tracks.
==Graphics Device==
VDrift requires a recent nVidia or ATI graphics card.  A nVidia GeForce 7-series or better (or the equivalent ATI card) is recommended in order to enable all the visual effects. By reducing or disabling some of the [[Configuring the display|display options]], it should be possible to play VDrift with a nVidia GeForce 2 or better.
Users should install the newest version of the device drivers for their graphics card to run VDrift.
{{note|Intel graphics cards are not supported.}}
==Sound Device==
Standard two-channel sound devices should work fine.

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