Getting more cars

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This article explains how to get more cars for VDrift and how to install them.

Getting cars

  • A number of cars can be found on the website. Navigate to the car you'd like to download and if the car status says it's playable in VDrift, download the .zip or .tar.gz file.
  • You can also download cars from the svn. Click the links in List of cars to go to the page for each car. Click the 'Download GNU Tarball' link, untar and place the resulting folder in vdrift/data/cars to use.

Installing cars

You should have a .zip or .tar.gz file at this point. The .zip or .tar.gz extensions are both file compression formats. Uncompress the files with a decompression program such as the free tool 7zip. This process should create a folder with the name of the car. Move that folder (which should contain files like about.txt and body.joe) to your VDrift/data/cars folder. You're done!