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==How you can help==
#REDIRECT [[Reporting problems]]
We can always use help with:
* Testing & bug reports
* Feedback and feature ideas
* Documentation
* Packaging
* Game data (cars & tracks)
* Other game art (splash screens, menu graphics, sounds)
* Promotion
* Web site
* User support
* Coding new features
If you want to get started helping us out, the best way is to post on the [http://vdrift.net/Forum/index.php forums], join our [http://vdrift.net/staticpages/index.php/irc-chat IRC channel] and chat with the other developers, or just start developing by forking the [https://github.com/VDrift/vdrift github repository]! If you submit good changes, we might merge your pull request so everyone else can use them.
==Reporting bugs, requesting features==
You can post in our [http://vdrift.net/Forum/index.php forums], under [http://vdrift.net/Forum/index.php?forum=3 Bugs] or [http://vdrift.net/Forum/index.php?forum=2 Feature Requests] or in the GitHub issues section: https://github.com/VDrift/vdrift/issues.
Please [http://vdrift.net/Forum/search.php search the forums] before beginning a new topic, as some bugs may already have been already identified, and many features have been requested multiple times.
===Bug reporting guidelines===
Generally we will need to know the operating system, type of machine (32-bit or 64-bit is very important), amount of memory, type of video card (plus amount of video RAM), and version of the game you are running. Sometimes it may help to know which versions of SDL and other libraries VDrift uses are on your system (Linux/FreeBSD).
It also helps to know what options you're using in the game. If your problem is related to driving, please include in your report the input device you use and other control options. Likewise if you're having display issues it's helpful to know what display settings you're using. A good way to tell us about your configuration is to include in your report your [[VDrift.config]] file, or at least the sections of it relavent to the problem.
* When you start your topic make sure to give it a meaningful title, like "Crash when changing display properties on Windows64".
* If you can provide a "use-case" or series of steps that you took in the game that will help to reproduce the bug, this will greatly increase the chances that it will be fixed.
==Submitting a patch==
When posting a patch in the forums, please make sure you surround the content of your patch with the <b>[code]</b> and <b>[/code]</b> tags. This ensures it will be formatted properly. Also, be sure to preview your post before submitting it, and check it for errors. You may need to check in the "disable smileys" checkbox to make sure that some of your code is not changed into happy-faces.
Patches should be made with [http://www.gnu.org/software/diffutils/diffutils.html diff] against the latest [[Getting the development version|development version]] of VDrift. If you don't know how to make a patch, try [http://www.google.com/search?q=how+to+make+a+patch+diff googling].
You can also submit a pull request if you have forked VDrift on [https://github.com/VDrift/vdrift GitHub]. See [[Getting the development version#Working with the repository|Getting the development version]].
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