Configuring the display

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Configuring the display is done by editing VDrift.config manually, or by changing the settings in the Options -> Display and Options -> Display -> Advanced menus.

Display Options


  • type: integer pair
  • settings: display.width, display.height
  • values: depends on the file vdrift/data/lists/videomodes and the resolutions your video card makes available

Change the resolution of the game display.


  • type: boolean
  • setting: display.fullscreen
  • values: on, off

Make the game take up the entire screen.

Speed Units

  • type: boolean
  • setting: display.mph
  • values: on = "MPH", off = "km/h"

Change the units that speed is displayed in.

Framerate Counter

  • type: boolean
  • setting: display.show_fps
  • values: on, off

Enable/disable the framerate counter.

Heads Up Display

  • type: boolean
  • setting: display.show_hud
  • values: on, off

Enable/disable the heads up display.

Menu Skin

  • type: string
  • setting:
  • values: default "simple", the name of any directory in vdrift/data/skins/

Change the graphics and layout of the VDrift menus.

Input Graph

  • type: boolean
  • setting: display.input_graph
  • values: on, off

Visualize the steering and acceleration/braking on screen.

Advanced Display Options

Color Depth

  • type: integer
  • setting: display.depth
  • values: 16, 32

Adjust the amount of colors available.

Texture Size

  • type: string
  • setting: display.texture_size
  • values: "small", "medium", "large"

Change the size of the textures displayed.

View Distance

  • type: floating-point
  • setting: display.view_distance
  • values: any positive decimal number of meters

Change the maximum view distance.

Anisotropic Filtering

  • type: integer
  • setting: display.anisotropic
  • values: depends on your video card

Set anisotropic filtering level for textures.


  • type: integer
  • setting: display.antialiasing
  • values: depends on your video card

Set the full scene antialiasing level.

Car Shadows

  • type: boolean
  • setting: display.car_shadows
  • values: on, off

Draw simple static shadows beneath the cars.

Field of View

  • type: floating-point
  • setting: display.FOV
  • values: any positive decimal number

Field of view angle in the vertical direction.

Lighting Quality

  • type: integer
  • setting:
  • values: 0, 1

Set how good the lighting looks during gameplay. 0 is Low, which is totally static lighting. 1 is Medium, static cube-mapped lighting.

Reflection Quality

  • type: integer
  • setting: display.reflections
  • values: 0, 1, 2

Set how good the reflections look during gameplay. 0 is Low, static sphere-mapped reflections. 1 is Medium, static cube-mapped reflections, and 2 is High, dynamic cube-mapped reflections.