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The VDrift community is an always expanding world of open source game developers, gamers on all platforms, artists and designers, and car tuners. It is based totally on the internet.
{{note|Please see [[Useful Links]] to find information about the VDrift Community.}}
==World Wide Web==
VDrift has several web sites devoted to the project and development. They are:
* [http://vdrift.net/ vdrift.net] - The main project web site, includes news and forums, and general project information.
** The project forums are where most development discussion and user support goes on.
* [http://sourceforge.net/projects/vdrift sf.net/projects/vdrift] - VDrift downloads are hosted on SourceForge, as well as the data repository, and the development mailing list.
* [http://wiki.vdrift.net/ wiki.vdrift.net] - The VDrift Wiki is the home of all the project's documentation.
* [http://svn.vdrift.net/ svn.vdrift.net] - This includes a public browser for the main VDrift Subversion tree, as well as HTTP access to the tree itself.
==Internet Relay Chat (IRC)==
VDrift has its own channel on [http://freenode.net/ Freenode], a major IRC network composed mostly of free software projects.
* Server: '''irc.freenode.net'''
* Channel: '''#vdrift'''
This channel is used both for developer discussion and user support. If you have a problem or question feel free to stop by and ask.
{{note|Developers often stay logged in to the channel all the time, but may be away from their computer. If you ask a question, please stay in the channel and wait for an answer.  Many people join the channel, ask a question, and since no one responds, they think no one wants to answer them, so they leave. Sometimes it'll take an hour or two before a developer will be at the keyboard.  If you can't hang around, either make a post on the VDrift forum or leave an e-mail address where we can respond.}}
==Mailing Lists==
The project has just one mailing list that is only seldom used, for development purposes only. '''Do not ask for help/support on this list, use the forums.''' You can visit the [http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?forum_name=vdrift-devel vdrift-devel archives] on SourceForge.
This mailing list is mostly only used when developers want to make sure that other developers see something, since not everyone visits the forum every day. It is also used when the forum format falls short, for instance it is easier (and sometimes more appropriate) to attach files to an e-mail than find somewhere to host them and post a link on the forums.
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Note: Please see Useful Links to find information about the VDrift Community.