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Cars in VDrift are composed of multiple components. Their graphical representation consists of geometry(mesh), textures and a draw flag which denotes whether the object is to be handled as opaque, transparent or emissive. The setup is done in car parameters files <CARNAME>.car.


Car geometry is stored in VDrift native JOE format. Import/export scripts for Blender are available here:

Shared Geometry


Generated Geometry



VDrift supports multi-texturing for more realistic geometry surface graphics. Texture are RGBA images in PNG format. As of April 2013 DDS(DXT1-3) is also supported.

  • 1. Texture (required): Diffuse color (diffuse albedo or diffuse reflectance) in the RGB channels and Color Blending mask in the A channel.
  • 2. Texture (optional): Specular reflection (fresnel reflection coeff at 0 deg) in the RGB channels and Glossiness (surface roughness) in the A channel.
  • 3. Texture (optional): Normal map (tangent space normals) in the RGB channels.

Shared Textures


Car Skins