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Note: Recent VDrift releases (2012) do not rely on a fixed set of geometry files(JOE) and textures(PNG/DDS). Instead car geometry/textures are set in the file. See car parameters for details.

Files within a car's folder:

  • Configfile_format, list of car parameters.
  • about.txt: text format, first line contains the car name, other lines contain additional info.
  • body.joe: JOE format, car body geometry.
  • body00.png: PNG format, the body.joe UV texture. Additional body textures and colors can be placed in the folder using names body01.png, body02.png, etc.
  • brake.png: PNG format, an additive texture using the body.joe UV texture containing brake lights.
  • collision.joe: JOE format, collision box geometry. Note that as of R2396, this file is no longer required.
  • engine.wav: WAVE format, engine sound at 7000 RPM.
  • glass.joe: JOE format, geometry data for any glass elements from the car body (such as windows).
  • glass.png: PNG format, the glass.joe UV texture. Texture transparency is supported.
  • interior.joe: JOE format, geometry data for the car's interior.
  • interior.png: PNG format, the interior.joe UV texture.
  • oem_wheel.joe: JOE format, geometry data to be used for the wheels.
  • oem_wheel.png: PNG format, the oem_wheel.joe UV texture.
  • reverse.png: PNG format, an additive texture using the body.joe UV texture containing reverse lights.