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Note: Many people contribute and deserved to be recognized here, but there is no central method to do that. If you have contributed, please obtain a wiki account and update this page, or post in the forums.


VDrift was created by Joe Venzon who continues to fix bugs in the game, as well as writing new subsystems and maintaining old ones. Joe created everything in VDrift which is not attributed to someone else below.

The physics engine in the game was originally Vamos Automotive Simulator, written by Sam Varner. As time went on it underwent many modifications. Now, the physics system has been rewritten.

Current Contributors


  • NaN has rewritten the physics code, added car color selection, implemented multi-language menus, and continues to fix bugs and add new features.
  • Chris Guirl set up the web sites and the Subversion repositories, and is also to blame for the SCons build scripts, XS model, some miscellaneous graphics, much of the GUI system, bug fixes and reports, documentation, testing, support, and generally annoying Joe. Chris is currently working on a driver training system with evaluation of driving behavior and driver feedback.
  • Francis Whittle has improved the car suspension by adding new types of suspension.
  • Antonio Caiazzo is working on a new AI system based on neural networks.

Game Data

Most of the imported cars and tracks had several authors to begin with, too many to list here. Thanks to them anyway, and in general to Racer-Xtreme and the Racer community at Race Sim Central.


  • alex25 has imported most of the tracks from various sources, and helped maintain them over time.


  • Ny Dedes TC6, LE, and is working on a new car, the ATT. also modeled the driver, and coded the mesh generation for tires and brake rotors.
  • Timothy Porter is working on preparing freely-licensed car models for import, and polishing the track Rouen.



Former Contributors

  • Dick Maurer imported many cars from Racer and other sources, and created several too.
  • rookie1 wrote the automatic shifting code, and the entire artificial intelligence system. He's also fixed a few bugs here and there, and made some improvements to the track editor.
  • MirceaKitsune contributed new skins for several cars, and several patches including adding reverse lights, sounds for gear, brake and handbrake, and a new car coloring implementation with adapted skins.
  • cotharyus improved the car specifications for many models using research done on the internet, as well as play testing.
  • Matthew Nicholson helped with testing and debugging, worked on Debian GNU/Linux packaging, and improved the build system.
  • Szymon Ender packaged VDrift for Slackware Linux and helped get VDrift into Arch Linux.
  • Gonéri Le Bouder worked on Debian GNU/Linux packaging and helped get VDrift into Arch Linux.
  • Nathan Samson managed the VDrift port for Windows (Cygwin) and helped set up the Autopackage builder for Linux. He also added the first version of internationalization support.
  • Alex (Nenillo) took care of the Windows port for a while before Nathan.
  • pwp71 helped maintain track data when new features became available.
  • Tyler Fric created the 360.